Noah Dassel and Aimie Vallat formed REEL WITNESS to tell stories that create meaningful social change in our global community. Noah and Aimie have a collective 20 years of professional filmmaking and storytelling experience that they bring to their diverse body of work. With a prior focus on advocacy storytelling for non profits, Present Moment is their debut documentary short film.


I am a Seattle-based filmmaker and musician with work focused on social justice, education, and healthy communities. Since 2006, I have had the good fortune to work on projects concerning local food, financial literacy for youth, international women's empowerment, social entrepreneurs, and local community health. My interest in filmmaking stems from my desire to tell stories that change the way we see the world, that teach us to be better, more compassionate, and more understanding individuals. 

In addition to my videography work, I co-founded the musical project Give It To Me Rusty with musician Aaron Zuege. The project is a collaboration with Seattle’s downtown homeless community, adapting their stories to guitar and vocal harmony. All lyrics are word-for-word, retrieved from interactions on the street. The mission of the project is to break down the stigma of homelessness and honor the stories of those who are too often overlooked.   

I am currently working as a Nurse Practitioner and I am excited to combine my storytelling and media skills with my role as a local and global healthcare provider. 


For the past twenty three years, I have worked as a social change agent in the non-profit and documentary film sectors. I’ve always been fascinated about how the human experience shows both our uniqueness and common ground. My interest in storytelling has taken me around the world; from the townships in South Africa, to a youth theater troupe in Serbia and interviewing Holocaust survivors in Poland. 

Building on my bachelors degree in Visual Anthropology from Fairhaven College and a Masters in Communication from Antioch University, I created REEL WITNESS with Noah Dassel.  Together we have been developing stories about sustainability, food security and our refugee community. I have spent the past five years developing a visual library about Thriving Community leaders throughout the Northwest on behalf of The Whidbey Institute.